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Why You Should Smile More

Nyla / March 21, 2018

It is time to smile, even if there is no in particular reason to do so. Many people are unaware that there are real health benefits that come along with smiling. Look below to learn some of the reasons that it is time to show everyone you can those pearly whites and make it your mission to smile more!

Improved Mood

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When you are sad or unhappy, smiling is the last thing that you want to do. But, by smiling, even if it is a fake one, can improve your mood significantly. So, force yourself to smile if you are in a bad mood and you might just find that it turns that mood around. Your brain instantly feels happier, so why not trigger that awesome response?

It Feels Good

It feels so much better to smile than it does to frown. That upside down smile adds weight to the face and it is easy for others to see worry, lines, wrinkles, and stress. You do not want to sacrifice your beauty!

You’ll Relax

Studies prove that laughing for 45-minutes makes you relax more. Although you probably cannot laugh for 45-straight minutes, over the course of the day it is possible and so very beneficial to try to achieve. When you smile and laugh, it improves the circulation which in turn causes the muscles to relax! Awesome!


When you are smiling, people assume you to be a friendly person. This makes you a more approachable person. If you want to meet new friends or possibly a true love, it is important that you have a persona that makes you someone other people want to talk to.

Call the dentist 77494 if there are concerns that cause you to smile less often than you’d like. Whether you need a tooth cleaning, a tooth replacement, or other dental work, he will hook you right up.