Substance abuse counseling dublin ga

It is easy to develop a substance abuse

This story is not apocryphal but it gets the point across. A young man who was addicted to glue commented that for the first three days, his supplier did not ask for payment, it was on the fourth day that he demanded payment. By then our victim was addicted.

Substance abuse counseling dublin ga

Addiction is not necessarily the product of years of substance abuse

It does not really matter what the substance is, an addiction or dependency can happen quickly and without warning and it can happen to old or young, sick or healthy, man, woman or child.


Getting back to health from substance abuse is a hard job. It is fraught with difficulties and hard to maintain. Substance abuse counseling dublin ga professionals would be the first to acknowledge that people are more successful with support as they make their way through a difficult transition.

Addiction is an illness

It is important for the substance abuser to work through the problem in a supportive environment knowledgeable about the scope of the issue, It is too easy to judge substance abuse as some form of moral weakness.

But withdrawal from hard or soft substances can be extremely difficult and can carry very unpleasant side effects.

How counseling can help

A substance abuse counsellor will have a better idea of what the patient is about to face than the patient does. The counsellor will know what to expect in the acute phase of withdrawal and then will understand what support services are likely to be needed in the longer-term. They will also have the connections locally or at the state level how to get the support the individual needs.

If someone broke a leg, most people would encourage them to get help. This is a similar situation.